SPARE (School Project for Application of Resources and Energy)

2002-up to now: Union for Sustainable Development – ECOVISION supported by Norwegian government, since 2002 is implementing international school project SPARE (School Project for Application of Resources and Energy) in Georgia. Its’ main goal is to teach and inculcation in schools the principles of energy saving, energy efficiency and sustainable use of natural resources and through schools to society. Today SPARE is implemented in more than 20 countries of the world. Within the frame of the project in different regions of Georgia are being arranged practical events about energy saving and energy efficiency in local communities. There are being held seminars, trainings and practical exercises annually. There are published guides and working notebooks for teachers and school students, which are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, the National Curriculum and Assessment Center and are already in schools in facultative form. By the initiative of NGO ECOVISION, under the project, there were created the series of games for children, so they are informed about main issues and get main skills about energy efficiency, energy saving and also about climate change. Currently, under SPARE project there are being established 80 eco-clubs in Georgia. The project is being implemented by the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, Norges Naturvernforbund/Friends of the Earth Norway and GIZ.