Environmental education project in Kvesheti school

In September 2022, in partnership with the non-governmental organization EcoVision, the educational project was launched at Qvesheti Public School on Environmental Awareness.



Environmental education project in Kvesheti school


The aim of the project is to inform the youth of Qvesheti community and the population of Khada Valley in general about the environmental challenges related to the infrastructure projects, local environmental challenges, and the role of the community in solving environmental issues. Within the framework of the project, Qvesheti school seniors will be given 5 lectures on environmental issues. Environmental educational materials will be provided to the school EcoClub. Various environmental competitions and quizzes will be held. The special visits to the construction sites will be arranged for interested students and teachers, where the participants will be introduced to the latest technologies and approaches to the arrangement of road infrastructure. They will also assess the environmental risks associated with the project.


The project will help inform students, teachers, and the local community about the ongoing infrastructure project and its potential impact on the environment. Project participants will also learn about project-related environmental activities to mitigate environmental risks.


The school project is implemented within the framework of the Kvesheti-Kobi new road project