On February 27, 2016, Tbilisi State University hosted “Science Sup 2015-2016” Final Tour, organized by “Children’s University” (which functions at the University’s faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences) and supported by NGO “EcoVision.”


On February 26, 2016, Tbilisi #149 public school eco-club arranged the conference “Environment and Environment Protection”. At the conference school students made presentations on various environmental topics, among them energy saving and energy efficiency, global warming, waste, air pollution, etc. Head: Olgha Bantsuri.


NGO „EcoVision” held a poster contest for school students for celebrating International Energy Saving Day (November 11), under the project “SPARE” (School Project for Application of Resources and Energy).


On February 16, 2016, at the Environmental Information and Education Centre, was held the meeting of 2014-2020 National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) education group. 


On January 13, 2016, in Tbilisi was held Youth Summit on Climate Change of  the European Union and Eastern Partnership countries. The event was supported by ENPI FLEG II and WWF. School students who were selected in the framework of FLEG II program participated in the conference.



ENPI East Countries FLEG II Program - Consulting Services: Conducting Youth Contest of Drawings “My Native Forest” in Georgia


On January 6, 2016, in Tbilisi, at “Biblus Gallery,” was arranged rewarding ceremony of handmade Christmas trees competition, which was organized by magazine “Shin” and website shin.ge. Up to 30 authors participated in the contest.


The theme of the program is: The Ozone Layer (With English subtitles), 25.07.2015


The theme of the program is: The Black Sea (With English subtitles), 18.07.2015


On December 25, 2015, Tbilisi Classic Gymnasium eco-club arranged the exhibition of Christmas trees, made by students. The subject of the exhibition was environment protection. At the event were exhibited Christmas trees made from different types of waste.


On December 23, 2015, at the National Assessment and Examinations Center, the debate championship awards ceremony was held. The championship was organized by NGO “Civic Initiatives Platform” and up to 150 school students participated in it.


On December 22, 2015 Tbilisi #130 public school students held an open lesson  “Earth – our common home.” NGO ‘EcoVision’ representatives also attended the event.


On 16 December 2015, an eco-club of Saint Ilia the Righteous school of Tbilisi arranged environmental action “Earth Anxiety.” The main topic of the event was waste and up to 30 students participated in it.


On December 9, 2015, near Tbilisi State University (TSU) Bagebi student city, was arranged tree planting action. The event was organized by TSU Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, the Department of Tourism, with partnership of NGO “EcoVision,” Tbilisi City Hall and The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection. TSU students participated in the tree planting action and planted up to 60 plants.


On December 6, 2015, in Tbilisi, started TreePeX campaign, supported by NGO “EcoVision.”  TreePeX is Georgian startup, mobile application, through which people challenge each other in tree planting throughout the world. The challenges work on random bases.


On November 22-23 and 28-29, 2015, NGO ‘EcoVision’ arranged 4-day trainings for youth, organized by Eurasia Partnership Foundation. More than 200 people from 20 municipalities of Georgia participated in trainings about environment protection.